In the past, if you wanted to ask a girl, you would make your intentions understandable to her and her family by telling her by mail. If you need a second date, you will ask again in the form of a letter or you will contact the father of the young woman and ask her for permission.
Then came the era in which we bluffed, looking healthy and in total control. The key was to be cool and safe, to say all the right things by phone or when we were together. The notes will be sent to the school. Only the correct lines were indicated in the office, the nightclub or where he went to see someone who is interested. The songs will be created and sung. The days of writing letters and sending them to the love of the parents of your life have already passed. Direct communication began.

The age of technology

Then we move into the age of technology, and direct communication is now multiplied through text messages. Now we do not need to wait to get to the hospital, mailbox or look in the eyes of our relative to communicate. Thanks to technology, we can send our thoughts and feelings through text messages using a mobile phone. Once flashing, the message reaches them and appears on the screen of the mobile phone, and they respond directly to your phone. It is not necessary to sit on the computer or have a laptop nearby.

Relationships and connections can be built at such a rapid pace

This may work well, but do not lose quality in your words and messages, even if sending text messages is so quick and easy. Messages can be wrong, and some things should be discussed face to face, not through the convenience of cell phones. Printing errors can make you look pretty bad if you overflow with text jargon.

Using a mobile phone or computer (via instant messages), you can send messages that are clearly attractive. If you want to sext, sexting means to send sexual content, sexual messages and topics related to sex. When sexting, messages can include sexually graphic music and lyrics, photos and videos.

The racy messages are sent from one side to another and are even sent to people who were not intended for sexual messages, so it is reasonable to be careful when sending messages about sex. Sending these graphic messages can be interesting and fun among adults, especially adults, but they can fall into the wrong hands. In addition, if there are teenagers (or minors), this can generate legal problems and can also harm minors.

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