Suppose that relations with sports and diets do not add up, you love yourself the way you have during the years of the formation of a beautiful, textured and smooth female body. Take our praise, admiration and advice from the experts, which just launched the plus-size line.

Buy things of your size

What is it? It sounds trite, but so far many girls neglect this simple rule. Nothing to be embarrassed, because only you know what size was written on the tag, but in the eyes of those around you, the poorly sitting and over-fitting things (obviously smaller), on the contrary, will add you a few centimeters and kilograms.

Choose the right laundry

We are not talking about the laundry of its size (although no one has canceled the bra-fitting), but about the fact that it corrects the silhouette. Ideally, every shopping run should be done in high-wastedshorts, in grace or modeling tights, or at least wear it all in a purse to try everything on.

Do not be afraid of color

Bright colors are not at all a taboo for girls in the body; they just will not add centimeters and kilograms, so open the way to rich and bright colors. But most likely, color blocking will have to be abandoned, because it can visually “cut off” the silhouette in the wrong place, it is better to follow the rule of one color, but no one bothers to break away when choosing accessories and shoes. In this case you can go after the latex dresses and we are sure that in you will have the best options for the same now.

Love the prints

Make a revolution. Despite the fact that most textbooks on style offer to give up too large and small prints, you should pay attention to the latter, because the motley and rippling print in the eyes perfectly masks the folds and unevenness of the silhouette, in this case it is better to give preference to suits or dresses.

Be careful with black

Black color visually slims – you cannot argue with that, but black makes the image heavier. You should give up total black-images or at least play around with the combination of textures: chiffon, cashmere, strict suit fabric, silk, cotton – mix, but do not shake.

Shiny dresses

Men are the same magpies. Attract their attention with bright and shiny dresses. Judge for yourself and imagine the situation: party, dim lights, twinkling of garlands, spectacular play on your vestments, mysteriousness and showiness. A definite plus for glitter (solid sparkles) is the ability to hide figure problems even with the most tight-fitting outfits. Glitter – a universal remedy that increases the chest and waist makes it narrower. Pure magic and not a drop of fraud. Posh overflow is always a festive look. This dress does not wear a birthday party or someone’s wedding.

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